Marek Schovánek

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*1965, CZE
Marek Schovánek was born in Czechoslovakia but grew up and studied in Canada.He currently travels around the world but spends most of his time in Berlin. The range of Schovánek’s art work is extremely extensive, he creates paintings, sculptures and installations consisting of hundreds of individual artefacts. Schovánek’s art is critical to the abuses of contemporary society. According to Schovánek, the artist schould be a committed person who observes an reflects the negative social phenomena. Schovánek often works with humour and irony, which he lets organically grow into his artefacts. A notable feature of this work is the post-production approach. He chooses banal human objets of everyday life, which he transforms into surprising artistic artefacts that can excite the viewer out of the trance of the grey everyday routine.