Elena Steiner

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*1975, CZK
Elena Steiner was born in Susice (Czech Republic) in 1975 and lives and works in Vienna. She completed her painting studies at the Institute for Fine and Media Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in Johanna Kandl’s class. In her series of works, Elena Steiner examines a different type of person, sensitizes the viewer, confronts him with the uncompromising demasking of his own world and that of the portrayed by violating the illusion-bearing canvas surface. She creates realistic acrylic paintings as metaphors for being and appearance. The injuries in the form of seams, stitches and stitches are the epitome of traditional female role fulfillment. Elena Steiner deals with the questions of the value of fulfilling external wishes, social recognition and self-determination. Her works experiment with the border areas between painting, object, real exhibition space and imaginative spatiality and thus offer a captivating game between closeness and distance, between impenetrable closeness and revealing familiarity. Her artistic work shows a zoomed in, sharply focused, snappy, humorous portrait of people as socialized, sexualised beings, of people and their social.